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How to make your girl appreciate you more

A man takes care of his business. By business, I mean any of his dealings, be it professional or personal.

I’ve found a way to make my girl appreciate me more. Not the she doesn’t appreciate me anyway, but I’ve noticed she is more loving towards me when one simple thing happens.

You ready for it? You sure? It’s simple. Encourage her to see her girlfriends! I encourage her a lot to make time for her friends and I’ve recently noticed by observing her that she seems more content with me after seeing the girls and I will give you the reasons why.

Before I give the reasons, I want today that I do my best to treat her how I would like to be treated. That doesn’t mean buying things for her. I offer her advice, guidance and help.

Today I worked late and told my girl I’m running late and she should see her friends if she’s bored, which she did. We texted a couple of times to check when we would both be finished, and agreed to be at home by 11pm. When we arrived home, we exchanged pleasantries and embraced each other as we usually do. We then sat down and had a catch up, talking about her day. I told her about work and what I’ve got planned in the pipeline and she told me about her time with the girls. She told me that her friends where complaining about their boyfriends. And she sat there and looked at me with a smile on her lips, and ran her hands through my (thinning) hair.

‘Thank you for being you’, she whispered.

It was a lovely feeling to hear that and I know it’s because she knows I genuinely take an interest in her life and try to help her with the small things. She also knows that although sometimes I can get a little impatience, I’m generally a very reasonable person.

Fellas, take my advice. Be the best you can be. If you care for her, show it and encourage her to see her friends. If you don’t care for her that much to show it, why are you with her? Don’t make someone miserable for no reason. Be with her because she makes you happy and do your best to make her happy. When her friends moan about their boyfriends, she’ll think of you and how good you are to her.

As always, this is based on my personal experience with my girlfriend. ┬áResults may vary ­čÖé


Women change when they have make-up on

No, it’s not a scientific fact. This is purely based on what I’ve observed whilst spending time with my girlfriend. How we feel about ourself affects how we portray ourself to others. For example, someone who is in a position of authority will act in a more authoritative manner. Their sense of authority builds their confidence which then affects the way they behave towards others.

As mentioned above, my views are based on my observations. If I had the means to test my theory, I would. But as this is a blog to share my views, I feel it isn’t necessary to conduct thorough research. Plus, it’s a source of entertainment for readers!

Anyway, from my previous posts, you will gather that I adore my girlfriend. Yes, we have petty arguments but we resolve them quickly and get back to our normal, happy selves. I’m a creature of observation, and I watch the behaviour of my girlfriend closely and there is something about her that never fails to amuse me.

When we are at home, we dress in pyjamas (or underwear) and in all honesty, we look hideous (well, I look hideous and she looks cute). During our time together when we are dressed down, we are very playful with each other but we also show a lot of tenderness towards one another. We make faces, we splash water on each others faces, we wrestle with each other (I always win).I roam around in my boxers and socks, and she lounges in a vest top and pyjama bottoms, with her hair tied up and with no make-up on. Much like in Drake’s song, ‘that’s when she the prettiest’.

When we go out to dinner or to go watch a movie, she loves dressing up and believe me, she looks stunning. She knows I love when she wears dresses, and its as though she purposely wears them and shows off her figure to me. If only she knew the effect it had on me! Her make-up accentuates her beauty and her hair is arranged perfectly to further highlight her feminine features.

This is when I find her the most amusing. As hot as she looks, her behaviour changes! Gone is the girl who loves to play around with me! This hot chick is more static and reserved, like as if any sudden movements will ruin her perfectly created appearance so she takes extra care not to laugh too much, or make funny faces. Even her walk changes to a more confident one, with that extra bounce in her step and the movement in her hips highlighted. Damn, she looks extra fine!

With the make-up on, her lips barely move when she speaks which I love noticing. I don’t think she knows that’s the case. She’s more quiet, almost as if she has to keep completely still in order to preserve her appearance. I smile to myself all the time when she does this.

I haven’t told her yet what I’ve noticed. I think I’ll keep it to myself for a while for my own amusement. I know if I made her aware of the change, she would become conscious so I’ll let her be for now. It makes me question how well I know other females who only appear in public with a full course of make up. Is their behaviour also different without the make-up? Or is it just my girlfriend? I’d love to hear from my readers on this. Men, have you noticed this about your girlfriend? And women, do you notice yourself changing based on how your appearance is?