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Women, what is sexy?

What does sexy mean? Sexually attractive, right? This post is to ask a few questions about women’s point of view. Firstly, I’d like to ask, why must you aim to be ‘sexually attractive’ and not just ‘attractive’?

Personally, it makes me sad that young women are unable to differentiate between the two. Instead, we hear words like elegant and classy used to describe sexy. Please, let’s not get it mixed up. The definition of sexy has been distorted so that women think that the only way that they will look good is to dress revealingly.

Women, ask yourselves this. Why do you dress sexy? Is it to feel good about yourself? What’s wrong with dressing respectfully? Then again, what is being dressed respectfully?

Females are taught from a young age that to look good, skin must be showing. Look at cartoons for little girls, look at adverts for clothes. They are filled with ‘sexy’ women wearing ‘sexy’ things. Surely, there must be someone else out there who agrees with me.

Then, we have people like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian forced down our throats. Kim Kardashian is seen as a fashion icon, right? The woman took a photo with her ass hanging out and women are in a frenzy to follow her and be her. Then we have Nicki rapping about anacondas and asses and there’s no censors. This is the sad thing. It’s ok for kids to watch this and listen to it these days. It’s no use blocking out words like ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ on videos when women are dressed half naked, shaking their asses, and talking about sex. It’s ok thought, they’re sexy.

Women, what are your thoughts? Am I thinking wrong? Do you see how our generation and future generation’s views on beauty is being distorted? I’d love to hear your views.

I don’t intent to offend anyone, they’re just my thoughts and concerns and would love to hear what others think.

Oh, and happy new year!



Zombie Apocalypse Strikes World Cup

Suarez needs a psychologist or something

Progressive Culture | Scholars & Rogues

Suarez bites again. And it isn’t funny. No, seriously, it’s not. Stop laughing!

Serial biter Luis Suarez of Uruguay took a hunk out of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder in today’s 1-0 win over the Azzurri.

With FIFA certain to review the incident, it appears that Suarez may have bitten off more than he can chew.

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Follow my blog! :)

Why, you ask? I’ve created this blog just to share my views on everyday life in London. These range from stories from my personal life, my professional life, funny stories, rants and general topics of discussion which I think Londoners will agree with.

I’ve recently started blogging and I’ve genuinely developed a love for writing. I want to entertain my followers with my views. If you enjoy a blog and agree with it, that’s great! We’re on the same side 🙂 if you don’t agree with it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The world is a beautiful place but can also cause hardships. I want to share my experience of the world through my eyes. After all, we are all different, which technically makes us the same!


Are we secretly racist?

imageRacism – a horrible trait to have, right? Everyone would agree with that statement. But do we all agree with it because society tells us it’s wrong to disagree with it or do we genuinely believe that it is horrible?

The reason I ask is this – why do people hang around with others of the same ethnicity? Is it because we share common values, common upbringings, common views? Or is it because we have some type of prejudice against other ethnicities?

I have friends from different backgrounds and sometimes it’s difficult for me to understand their values. As a result, I feel as though the relationship I have with them is not as strong as the ones I have with those of the same ethnicity as me. It’s sad but its not something that has happened intentionally. As a young child, my best friend was someone from a different race but over time, we grew apart. I believe it’s because as children, when we look at people, we don’t see colour or race. That concept is totally alien to us as we are growing up. Awareness is learned from others. In secondary school, I started to become more aware of race and ethnicity, and it was because of the 9/11 attack. People were taking sides, being ignorant and there was a visible segregation on the playground and I was caught up in it.

Its a sad state of affairs, but I honestly think its something that will stick with us, as humans, until we are extinct. Unless there’s a way to erase history and start life on a blank slate where everyone has the same upbringing, values and views, we will all have some kind of prejudiced views.

Muslims/Asians are seen as terrorists, black people are seen as criminals, white people are seen as exploiters, Mexicans are seen as border jumpers, Chinese are seen as speaking a funny language. These are all prejudices we have. I don’t mean to cause offence to anyone by listing the stereotypes. All I want to do is provoke thoughts on this and to ask ourselves if we are genuinely racist or not. If we are, how do we change this? Do we want to change this? Is there an end to it or will it stay with is until we are all wiped off from the face of the planet?

The evolution of men’s fashion

imageMasculinity – what does it mean?  According the Oxford dictionary, the definition of masculinity is:

Possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men:
handsome, muscled, and driven, he’s a prime example of masculinity

So what’s happened? Why has the traditional qualities of men changed? Let’s delve in to it a little further. How are men dressed now compared to how they used to dress? I remember in the not so distant past men wore shirts and trousers that were a good, comfortable fit but still looked great. It showed they meant business, that they want to be respected. Now, it’s all about skinny jeans and tops that droop down to reveal the pecs (if the man is lucky enough to have a chiselled one – I will talk about the obsession with body image in another post). It doesn’t end there. I’ve seen boots worn by men that could easily pass for women’s footwear.

If you are starting to think I am a critic of the modern day fashion trends for men, then you’re absolutely right! Men are starting to dress like women and I cannot believe that no-one is batting an eyelid!

Why do men do anything? There’s a few reasons. Sex, food, sex (and food are the main reasons). Food is essential – we need it or we keel over and cease to exist. Sex is a desire. Men want a pretty little thing to satisfy their testosterone-filled urges with. This brings me to my next question – do women like men dressed like this?

I’ve personally had an experience with this. I’ve recently started a relationship with a pretty little thing, and things are going great. Apart from our views on men’s fashion. She hates the way I dress, and I hate the way she wants me to dress. I like to wear a pair of straight fit jeans with a shirt, whereas she wants me to wear skinny jeans with tops that would look good on her. She once bought me a pair of skinny jeans. They were promptly returned to River Island!

That is just men’s fashion. The evolution of men’s sensitivity is also another thing that has radically changed over time (but i’ll save that for another post).

I have a 7 year old brother who I went shopping for. I wanted to buy him a pair of jeans. I was astounded when I went into shops and there were hardly any straight fit jeans! Shelves were filled with skinny and super skinny and skintight jeans. I honestly think that shops will begin only selling this type of clothes in the future and generations after us will be shopping in places where there is no men’s or women’s section – just shops selling unisex clothes in different sizes. I hope I never see the day. I’d rather keep my sense of masculinity, thank you very much.