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Never touch a woman’s handbag

Unfortunately, I learnt the hard way. Fellas, take note of what I am about to say. Make sure you do not break this rule!

Never, ever touch a woman’s handbag, even if she specifically asks you to do so. I fell in the trap yesterday and got my head bitten off by my girlfriend and then we had a small argument about it.

We were ready to go out for a meal and she sat in the passengers seat and put her Ralph Lauren handbag in the back seat. Before I put the car in gear one to move off, she asked if I can reach in to the bag to grab something. I think it was her sunglasses. Anyway, I reached around and stuck my hand in the bag and had a little rummage. I literally searched for 3 seconds before she got emotional.

‘What are you doing? You’re damaging the bag! Look at how much pressure you put on the sides! Why didn’t you bring it to the front on your lap? What’s wrong with you?!’

Naturally, I argued back. ‘You told me to reach over and put my hand in!’ That was my point. We argued for about a minute and that was that. We drove off

Guys, if you don’t want to have a fight over a handbag, refuse to touch it. Even if she asks you to do so. It’s not worth it!


How to make your girl appreciate you more

A man takes care of his business. By business, I mean any of his dealings, be it professional or personal.

I’ve found a way to make my girl appreciate me more. Not the she doesn’t appreciate me anyway, but I’ve noticed she is more loving towards me when one simple thing happens.

You ready for it? You sure? It’s simple. Encourage her to see her girlfriends! I encourage her a lot to make time for her friends and I’ve recently noticed by observing her that she seems more content with me after seeing the girls and I will give you the reasons why.

Before I give the reasons, I want today that I do my best to treat her how I would like to be treated. That doesn’t mean buying things for her. I offer her advice, guidance and help.

Today I worked late and told my girl I’m running late and she should see her friends if she’s bored, which she did. We texted a couple of times to check when we would both be finished, and agreed to be at home by 11pm. When we arrived home, we exchanged pleasantries and embraced each other as we usually do. We then sat down and had a catch up, talking about her day. I told her about work and what I’ve got planned in the pipeline and she told me about her time with the girls. She told me that her friends where complaining about their boyfriends. And she sat there and looked at me with a smile on her lips, and ran her hands through my (thinning) hair.

‘Thank you for being you’, she whispered.

It was a lovely feeling to hear that and I know it’s because she knows I genuinely take an interest in her life and try to help her with the small things. She also knows that although sometimes I can get a little impatience, I’m generally a very reasonable person.

Fellas, take my advice. Be the best you can be. If you care for her, show it and encourage her to see her friends. If you don’t care for her that much to show it, why are you with her? Don’t make someone miserable for no reason. Be with her because she makes you happy and do your best to make her happy. When her friends moan about their boyfriends, she’ll think of you and how good you are to her.

As always, this is based on my personal experience with my girlfriend.  Results may vary 🙂

Logic of women

Men and women. Perfect for each other in imperfect ways. This post will briefly explore women’s logic in relationships with my thoughts on it. I will post an article on men’s logic soon as our logic is completely different, but just as weird as women’s!

Let’s strip it back and look at humans. Our behaviours are determined by natural urges, aggression and influences from society. Men are seen as more aggressive (hunter-gatherer) and women are generally seen as the care giver. Obviously, roles have changed over time and these traditional values have changed drastically but for the purpose of this post, we’ll look at the behaviours of our ancestors.

Studies have shown that most women are attracted to men who are rich and strong. Going back to our ancestors, rich and strong men were those who had access to food and were successful at hunting. Makes sense that these values have been instilled in women over time.

Today’s men are not traditional in that sense. We don’t need to go out, find a chicken and kill it in order to survive. We just pop over to Tesco’s. However, women are still attracted to men who possess some of the qualities displayed by our ancestors. Unfortunately, some of the qualities are possessed by the ‘bad boy’ type and women seem to fall for this all the time.

Now to the weird women logic. I’ve heard countless of times women saying something like ‘I can change him’. Why do you want to change him? And change him into who? If she opened her eyes, the person she actually wants is Tom or Harry, but she wants Dick but she wants Dick to be like Harry or Tom. Why not just go for Tom or Harry? I will never understand that!

I think it comes down to excitement. As much as women say they want stability and a good man, they still seek the thrill they get from a bad boy. Everything would be fine but it just ends up with the woman being hurt and changing herself, rather than the man of her dreams changing himself.

Women, decide what you want from your man. Saying you want one thing but really wanting another is only going to hurt yourself at the end of the day. I guess as the old saying goes, ‘each to their own’.