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Find your happy place

Stressed. Tired. Overworked. But I’m not complaining. I’m satisfied with the position I am in and life is good for me right now. I’m not rich but it’s all in my hands. Ever since the day I decided I would open my own company, I knew life would be a struggle financially and I would need to exercise my willpower to continue no matter how business goes. But there’s more to life than work, which I have recently discovered.

As you may be aware from previous posts, I am seeing a lady and things are going great. We have a brilliant understanding and we both have the space we need in order for our feelings to grow.

What’s the best part of my day? After a long day at work, I come home and I’m greeted with a warm embrace from my woman, followed by a piping hot cup of tea with two and a half sugars, just the way I like it. I kick off my shoes, put my feet up and we switch the telly on. We talk here and there but the evening is ours to relax, so we both completely unwind. She’s a nurse and works ridiculous hours so the downtime is much needed for her too.

Why is this the best part of my day? Simple. It’s a place where I am truly happy and stress-free. For those few hours when I’m with her just lounging around in our pyjamas, I can completely switch off from the stresses of my life. We talk, we have tea, we watch telly, we play fight (when we’re not too tired) and for those few hours, I know I’m the luckiest man alive.

Why is this post worth reading? And why am I writing about this? Because I urge you all to find a happy place. It will be different for everyone. Some might like to watch football or do their hair, or read a book. It could be anything. Having that time when you can completely switch off just for a few moments makes a big difference to your mental well-being. I remember in previous years, my mind was doing overtime and I thought I was going to drive myself crazy. But since I’ve met my girlfriend, things have been much better. I’m not sure why I’m happy, but I am so I won’t question it. I accept this gift in my life and I look forward to increasing my happiness a little more every day.