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Assumptions – easy way to get into trouble

‘When you assume, you make an ass out of U’.

I couldn’t agree more. I work in the property industry and the amount of times that so called professionals ”assume’ things is disgraceful. Agents are responsible for an asset worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and they have the audacity to ‘assume’ things!

To give an example, I worked with someone previously who had no qualifications in the industry so a lot of their knowledge was gained from others in the industry. However, his previous employers were those sharks you hear about so he picked up a number of bad habits, which all stem from assumptions. As an agent, we are the middle men between tenant and landlord so we communicate messages between the two. It is imperative that we communicate well so everything is clear and preferably in writing. Now, my colleague had developed the ability to please customers which was great until the deal was complete or close to completion. He used to make promises with one party and then try to get the other party to agree to it. The problem happens when the other party doesn’t agree to it. He basically shoots himself in the foot and ends up digging a bigger hole for himself by trying to sort out a mess he created by himself.

Thankfully, he’s improving himself and we are encouraging him to study the industry relevant qualification. But it makes me wonder why we assume things at all? In a sales environment, it is obviously to secure a deal of some type but what about in our personal lives?

When we are ill, we assume we will get better soon. We assume that we will be alive for the rest of the day, the rest of the week, month and year. How can we be so sure of something that we have no guarantee of? I think it’s an interesting ability we have. I belive it’s tied closely with positivity, hope and faith – all are aspects of human behaviour that makes us determined to reach a goal. The goal doesn’t have to be major. It can be a small one, such as ‘I’ll wake up at 6am tomorrow’.

Our ability to believe the immediate future is certain makes us human. The most we can do to improve the future (assuming that we live to see it) is to be the best we can be in the present.