Stupidity or bad service?

Yesterday, I went for a meal at a Lebanese restaurant. I was craving a steak for a couple of weeks and was pleased to see that they had it on their menu. Great, I thought. I can’t wait to sink my teeth in to it!

We were sat down by the waiter, who was a pretty short fella. He seemed nice. After leaving is to choose our food, he came back a few moments later to take our order.

I ordered a steak, well done, with fries and a salad. It came with the choice of mushrooms or the salad and as I am not a fan of mushrooms, I decided to get the salad. My girlfriend ordered chicken sheesh which came with rice, bread and salad. As she is on a healthy diet, she asked if they could replace the bread with extra salad, which the waiter agreed to.

We waited for our food for what seemed like ages. I looked at my watch and realised that it had been 30 minutes since we ordered. I gently pulled the waiter over and he assured me that it won’t be too Lin before I receive my food. I joked that I was so hungry I could eat a horse and he smiled and told me its taking longer than usual as I asked for to be ‘well done’. I thought it was strange but give him the benefit of the doubt.

A few minutes later, the waiter brought over a plate. Rather excitedly, I got myself ready to eat. I placed the napkin on my lap and grabbed the cutlery. To my disappointment, it was just hummus and read. Stomach rumbling from hunger, I started eating the bread.

Fifteen minutes later, after we are the bread, the waiter brought over my girlfriend’s food. I hadn’t realised but she pointed out that they didn’t give the extra salad, which is probably why they gave bread. I called the waiter over and pointed out their mistake. He apologised, and said the bread is on the house and he walked off to fetch the salad. A few moments later, he returned with he extra bowl of salad an the steak. He placed it on the table and walked off.

Before I could examine my food, my girlfriend pointed at the meat on her plate.

‘I’m pretty sure I ordered chicken and not lamb’, she said. I looked at her plate and realised she was right. I started calling the waite over again. As I was doing so, I looked at my own steak and it was covered with mushrooms and a sauce which I specifically did not ask for. It was just getting ridiculous now. The waiter approached us and by now I had lost all patience. I questioned why everything we ordered was wrong and how they can screw everything up. It’s not like they were extremely busy. There were only 2 other groups there. He tried to blame the chef, which infuriated me further. Can the chef not read? The waiter went to the chef and they seemed to spend ages discussing the order, like as if they didn’t know how to deal with the mistake.

Fed up, I stood up and gave them one last rant and walked out with my girlfriend. Luckily there was a Nando’s opposite so we had grilled chicken instead.

As a business, you new to listen to customers. Getting someone’s order wrong just shows you don’t care enough to listen. It was my first time in the restaurant, and it’s guaranteed that it will also be my last time. At least I had bread for free.


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