Put down Suarez

The last couple of days have seen the sports news filled with headlines relating to Luis Suarez’s third biting incident. Yes, that’s his THIRD offence! It’s quite unbelievable that he got away with a paltry punishment. A 7 game ban for his first incident in Holland, a 10 game ban for his second, and the punishment for the third to be confirmed. His punishment should have been far worse in my opinion. He should’ve had his wages docked by Liverpool for the Ivanovic incident and should have had a full season ban. He early hasn’t learnt, has he?

Now, when dogs attack humans, they get put down. If Suarez decided to act like a dog, we should treat him like one. Let’s put that idiot down!

I know, I know. Very drastic (and it shouldn’t be taken seriously) but what further punishment can he receive and when will he learn? What is actually wrong with him? Who in their right mind thinks of sinking their teeth in to someone, especially with millions of people watching? The guy obviously has some issues. I wonder how long Liverpool will put up with it and how soon it is before they ship him out. I mean, for a club who is playing in the Champions League next season, they sure could do without any negative press.

The maximum ban Fifa can issue is 24 months. I say he should be banned for the full term. What better punishment is there for a player than to be publicly embarrassed on the grandest stage of all?

Lets go back to the biting incident. A violent offence involving players is usually a bad tackle and very rarely do we see arms flailing and head butts flying. Biting someone is just completely wrong and borders on cannibalism. It’s such a strange thing to see on a football pitch and sets out such a bad message to youngsters.

The authorities need to deal with it promptly. I don’t think they need to issue a punishment as an example to others but to actually teach him, the weirdo, a lesson. Ban him on both the club and international scene. Or put him in a ring with a prime Mike Tyson. If he wants to bite people, Tyson can show him how to do it properly.


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