Bloody cyclists!

Before you start thinking I’m anti-cycling, I want to assure you that I’m not. In fact, I’m all for it and I would encourage everyone to cycle if they can. However, there’s a few issues which I think need to be addressed.

Firstly, ever since cyclists have been made to ride on the road, we’ve heard numerous reports of accidents involving cyclists and unfortunately, some of them have been fatal.

As a driver, I can’t help but notice that cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road, which makes me question why they are allowed on the road. After all, we wouldn’t allow a car driver on the road if they didn’t have proof that they were roadworthy (by taking a theory and practical test).

I have a solution to this. It may sound drastic but if it is something that can reduce the number of people involved in an accident, then it must be worth considering.

An obvious course of action is to make sure that every road has a cycle lane. There’s way too many roads without these lanes.

Cyclists should also take a theory test, similar to the one that vehicle drivers take. I truly believe that it is needed. If they are to use the road, they must follow the rules and must be able to show that they have passed the test. They should be issued with some type of licence.

I mentioned above that it may seem drastic, and I’m sure you think so. But honestly, is it a bad idea? If it became a legal requirement, I’m sure less accidents would occur. From my own experience, I’ve seen cyclists ride through red lights, pass through roundabouts without giving way to the right, and not giving any indication as to which way they will be turning.

These are just my thoughts on how to create a safer London. I would love to hear what your own thoughts would be on this. Share your thoughts!

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