Love in doses

Ever wondered why divorce rates are so high and why they seem to be increasing? What causes the failure in relationships?

For me, the most obvious reason is the technologies we have grown accustomed to. Let’s look at relationships in the past. When two people were courting before mobile phones/Internet and every other form of communication became accessible, it was difficult speaking with our partner on a regular basis. This meant that we would miss them more, think about them more and value the time we spend with them more. Think about it. When you don’t see someone you love for a while because they were on holiday or not accessible for any reason, you think about them more. And when you do see them, there’s that excitement you have, like a dog pulling at it’s leash.

Sadly, those days are gone. In the modern times, we go head first into a relationship and spend way too much time with each other. We rush things. We talk to each other and spend way too much time with each. If we can’t speak on the phone, we text each other. If we’re not on the phone to each other or texting each other, we’re physically next to the person.

I say we should love in doses. We need time to miss each other, so we can truly appreciate our other half, and to love each other on a whole new level. Sometimes, less is more and I’m of the opinion that this applies to our love life. Let’s put our phones away for a while, let’s give each other enough space to miss each other, let every kiss, every embrace, every word be from the heart. Let’s learn from previous generations and maybe, we will be more than satisfied with our partner.

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