The evolution of men’s fashion

imageMasculinity – what does it mean?  According the Oxford dictionary, the definition of masculinity is:

Possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men:
handsome, muscled, and driven, he’s a prime example of masculinity

So what’s happened? Why has the traditional qualities of men changed? Let’s delve in to it a little further. How are men dressed now compared to how they used to dress? I remember in the not so distant past men wore shirts and trousers that were a good, comfortable fit but still looked great. It showed they meant business, that they want to be respected. Now, it’s all about skinny jeans and tops that droop down to reveal the pecs (if the man is lucky enough to have a chiselled one – I will talk about the obsession with body image in another post). It doesn’t end there. I’ve seen boots worn by men that could easily pass for women’s footwear.

If you are starting to think I am a critic of the modern day fashion trends for men, then you’re absolutely right! Men are starting to dress like women and I cannot believe that no-one is batting an eyelid!

Why do men do anything? There’s a few reasons. Sex, food, sex (and food are the main reasons). Food is essential – we need it or we keel over and cease to exist. Sex is a desire. Men want a pretty little thing to satisfy their testosterone-filled urges with. This brings me to my next question – do women like men dressed like this?

I’ve personally had an experience with this. I’ve recently started a relationship with a pretty little thing, and things are going great. Apart from our views on men’s fashion. She hates the way I dress, and I hate the way she wants me to dress. I like to wear a pair of straight fit jeans with a shirt, whereas she wants me to wear skinny jeans with tops that would look good on her. She once bought me a pair of skinny jeans. They were promptly returned to River Island!

That is just men’s fashion. The evolution of men’s sensitivity is also another thing that has radically changed over time (but i’ll save that for another post).

I have a 7 year old brother who I went shopping for. I wanted to buy him a pair of jeans. I was astounded when I went into shops and there were hardly any straight fit jeans! Shelves were filled with skinny and super skinny and skintight jeans. I honestly think that shops will begin only selling this type of clothes in the future and generations after us will be shopping in places where there is no men’s or women’s section – just shops selling unisex clothes in different sizes. I hope I never see the day. I’d rather keep my sense of masculinity, thank you very much.

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