Women, what is sexy?

What does sexy mean? Sexually attractive, right? This post is to ask a few questions about women’s point of view. Firstly, I’d like to ask, why must you aim to be ‘sexually attractive’ and not just ‘attractive’?

Personally, it makes me sad that young women are unable to differentiate between the two. Instead, we hear words like elegant and classy used to describe sexy. Please, let’s not get it mixed up. The definition of sexy has been distorted so that women think that the only way that they will look good is to dress revealingly.

Women, ask yourselves this. Why do you dress sexy? Is it to feel good about yourself? What’s wrong with dressing respectfully? Then again, what is being dressed respectfully?

Females are taught from a young age that to look good, skin must be showing. Look at cartoons for little girls, look at adverts for clothes. They are filled with ‘sexy’ women wearing ‘sexy’ things. Surely, there must be someone else out there who agrees with me.

Then, we have people like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian forced down our throats. Kim Kardashian is seen as a fashion icon, right? The woman took a photo with her ass hanging out and women are in a frenzy to follow her and be her. Then we have Nicki rapping about anacondas and asses and there’s no censors. This is the sad thing. It’s ok for kids to watch this and listen to it these days. It’s no use blocking out words like ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ on videos when women are dressed half naked, shaking their asses, and talking about sex. It’s ok thought, they’re sexy.

Women, what are your thoughts? Am I thinking wrong? Do you see how our generation and future generation’s views on beauty is being distorted? I’d love to hear your views.

I don’t intent to offend anyone, they’re just my thoughts and concerns and would love to hear what others think.

Oh, and happy new year!



Well done, Mayor of London

We’re used to empty promises by politicians but one person who I respect, both for being proactive and hilarious at the same time is our Mayor, Boris Johnson.

He’s been in the news twice recently, addressing a couple of issues that were becoming a concern. The first was about a week ago where it was announced that he would have authority and power to speed up works to build new homes and to develop at least 50,000 new homes. Bravo, Mr Johnson, Bravo! The housing crisis was becoming a massive concern for Londoners, and his move will provide a more stable property market and will help ease some of the pressure that first-time buyers face, as they will soon have a variety of properties to choose from.

The second action he has taken is to do with our education system. I can do nothing more than to take my hat off to him and praise him for his proactive approach.

The Mayor has made provisions to open up eleven (yes, eleven!) new schools in London’s most deprived locations. Out of the 11, 9 of them will be free which is a boost for working class families. It’s estimated that the new schools will provide over 7,000 spaces for school pupils, which is great news. Despite this positive development, it is claimed by City Hall that 90,000 places are needed by 2016. A negative point was made from the National Union of Teachers, who claimed that free schools are not the answer.

Personally, I think it’s great news. We always hear of empty promises of positive change from Mayors and politicians and I am genuinely pleased to see that Boris Johnson is making a visible effort to help those in need. After all, as humans, isn’t that what we should strive for? To help make the world a better place for those who don’t have the resources that their rich counterparts do?

Furthermore, I think that we should also focus on what happens after the schools are open. It’s a positive that we will have more schools but what we do with the schools should be the main focus. The standard of teaching has to be raised throughout the entire City and the country. In order to do this, teachers need more training. I believe that teachers need to take skills in people management or psychology as part of their course in order to increase their knowledge on people and the way in which children think in order to help each child maximise their academic potential.

Also, academic success doesn’t necessarily relate to success in the workplace. At school, we have 2 weeks work experience where we spend it in a retail store, which provides us with none of the skills needed to be successful in higher paid jobs. This is just an idea that I’m throwing out there, but wouldn’t it be better if there was a whole year where students were given work placements in different industries for a month each? An academic year is about 9 months long, so that means 9 different places for students to experience. This could help them make better career choices as they can eliminate careers that they didn’t enjoy.

Personally, I remember when I was in school. I had to make the decision in year 9, when I was 14, on what I wanted to study in the next 3 years. Then, a year later, I had to decide what I wanted to study in college. We can’t expect children to make career choices without being fully informed or without an insight in to the field they choose to pursue. Careers advisers are poor and their advice isn’t great. Their advice is generic across the board for all students. I had a keen interest in Psychology as I wanted to be able to read people. When speaking with the advisor, they assured me that that is what psychology is about in college. Excitedly, I signed up. Soon after enrolling in college, I realised that there really isn’t a way to read people. Psychology is a study on human behaviour based on different theories. There are no definitive answers. I was lied to and wasted my time because of misleading information.

To finish this article, I’m going to praise the Mayor again. Bravo, Mr Johnson! I really hope that after the schools are opened, the quality of the education is made the most important focus and an area that is looked at in detail. Students need a better understanding of a professional workplace, and no amount of essays and tests is going to teach anyone that. Granted, some fields need specialist knowledge (like doctors), but the majority of fields simply need experience in order to be successful.

Stupidity or bad service?

Yesterday, I went for a meal at a Lebanese restaurant. I was craving a steak for a couple of weeks and was pleased to see that they had it on their menu. Great, I thought. I can’t wait to sink my teeth in to it!

We were sat down by the waiter, who was a pretty short fella. He seemed nice. After leaving is to choose our food, he came back a few moments later to take our order.

I ordered a steak, well done, with fries and a salad. It came with the choice of mushrooms or the salad and as I am not a fan of mushrooms, I decided to get the salad. My girlfriend ordered chicken sheesh which came with rice, bread and salad. As she is on a healthy diet, she asked if they could replace the bread with extra salad, which the waiter agreed to.

We waited for our food for what seemed like ages. I looked at my watch and realised that it had been 30 minutes since we ordered. I gently pulled the waiter over and he assured me that it won’t be too Lin before I receive my food. I joked that I was so hungry I could eat a horse and he smiled and told me its taking longer than usual as I asked for to be ‘well done’. I thought it was strange but give him the benefit of the doubt.

A few minutes later, the waiter brought over a plate. Rather excitedly, I got myself ready to eat. I placed the napkin on my lap and grabbed the cutlery. To my disappointment, it was just hummus and read. Stomach rumbling from hunger, I started eating the bread.

Fifteen minutes later, after we are the bread, the waiter brought over my girlfriend’s food. I hadn’t realised but she pointed out that they didn’t give the extra salad, which is probably why they gave bread. I called the waiter over and pointed out their mistake. He apologised, and said the bread is on the house and he walked off to fetch the salad. A few moments later, he returned with he extra bowl of salad an the steak. He placed it on the table and walked off.

Before I could examine my food, my girlfriend pointed at the meat on her plate.

‘I’m pretty sure I ordered chicken and not lamb’, she said. I looked at her plate and realised she was right. I started calling the waite over again. As I was doing so, I looked at my own steak and it was covered with mushrooms and a sauce which I specifically did not ask for. It was just getting ridiculous now. The waiter approached us and by now I had lost all patience. I questioned why everything we ordered was wrong and how they can screw everything up. It’s not like they were extremely busy. There were only 2 other groups there. He tried to blame the chef, which infuriated me further. Can the chef not read? The waiter went to the chef and they seemed to spend ages discussing the order, like as if they didn’t know how to deal with the mistake.

Fed up, I stood up and gave them one last rant and walked out with my girlfriend. Luckily there was a Nando’s opposite so we had grilled chicken instead.

As a business, you new to listen to customers. Getting someone’s order wrong just shows you don’t care enough to listen. It was my first time in the restaurant, and it’s guaranteed that it will also be my last time. At least I had bread for free.

Shak’s views on Suarez ban

Will he learn from his mistakes? Won’t he? Will he wait another year before biting someone else? Who knows what the next year will bring for this borderline cannibal.

He received a 4 month ban from all football matches, and an international ban for 9 matches. Is the punishment enough for him?

I personally don’t think so. From my previous post, you would know that I believe his actions warrant a lengthier ban. 4 months isn’t that long. And it is his third offence. It should be ‘three strikes and out’.

If the Uruguayan FA appeal it, he will probably be able to play in their next few games. Like I said in my other post, lets put him in a ring with Tyson and let them slug it out (or bite it out)!

Never touch a woman’s handbag

Unfortunately, I learnt the hard way. Fellas, take note of what I am about to say. Make sure you do not break this rule!

Never, ever touch a woman’s handbag, even if she specifically asks you to do so. I fell in the trap yesterday and got my head bitten off by my girlfriend and then we had a small argument about it.

We were ready to go out for a meal and she sat in the passengers seat and put her Ralph Lauren handbag in the back seat. Before I put the car in gear one to move off, she asked if I can reach in to the bag to grab something. I think it was her sunglasses. Anyway, I reached around and stuck my hand in the bag and had a little rummage. I literally searched for 3 seconds before she got emotional.

‘What are you doing? You’re damaging the bag! Look at how much pressure you put on the sides! Why didn’t you bring it to the front on your lap? What’s wrong with you?!’

Naturally, I argued back. ‘You told me to reach over and put my hand in!’ That was my point. We argued for about a minute and that was that. We drove off

Guys, if you don’t want to have a fight over a handbag, refuse to touch it. Even if she asks you to do so. It’s not worth it!

Resign and start your own business

9-5, Monday – Friday. This is the life we lead and this is the life we choose to accept. From previous posts, you will know that I believe we have learnt our views as a result of our experience with society. School teaches us to be obedient towards authority figures, to wear a certain type of clothing, to be working at certain times in the day. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but who makes the rule? Certainly not you, the worker.

When you are working as an employee in a company, you are nothing but a cog in a factory. It’s a sad truth but its something you have to realise. You are replaceable, and for many, you are replaceable with a cheaper version of yourself.

A year ago, I made the decision to start a business myself. I had enough of working hard to make someone else money. Why should I give up my dreams so someone else can fulfill theirs? With this thought etched in my mind, I decided that was it. I am leaving and this is the last job I do where I work for someone else. And I haven’t looked back since.

I won’t lie to you. I’m not having baths with £50 notes at the moment but I am content. I’m stressed, but satisfied. The stress I feel is positive as I know that now my life is in my own hands and my income is slowly growing. I’m 25 years old at the moment. In ten years time, who knows where I’ll be.

I find it saddening when I hear people take about owning their own company. It is a dream for many of us but the idea of giving up a stable income and putting extra effort into something puts us off. And quite rightly so. Who would want to risk it? But at the same time, I know that around 98% of people will constantly talk about it but will never make that move to get it started.

I was the same. But for a year or so, I studied successful people like Alan Sugar and Richard Brandon. They all had one thing in common. They didn’t give up. Reading up on them gave me a burning desire to be successful in my own eyes. And in my own eyes, successful means earning a decent amount of money where I can live and provide for my future family (god willing, I am successful in my family life too).

If you are thinking of going alone, you have my full support. There’s no better feeling than receiving your first pay from your own company. It was certainly one one of the finer moments in my life and one which I will always look back on with a sense of pride. Go for it, guys. You have nothing to lose. If it fails, so what? Life goes on. Pick yourself up and try again. At least you tried. Remember, failure is a stepping stone towards success so go and make mistakes, have a few hiccups, learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and no matter what, stay positive and never give up.

Put down Suarez

The last couple of days have seen the sports news filled with headlines relating to Luis Suarez’s third biting incident. Yes, that’s his THIRD offence! It’s quite unbelievable that he got away with a paltry punishment. A 7 game ban for his first incident in Holland, a 10 game ban for his second, and the punishment for the third to be confirmed. His punishment should have been far worse in my opinion. He should’ve had his wages docked by Liverpool for the Ivanovic incident and should have had a full season ban. He early hasn’t learnt, has he?

Now, when dogs attack humans, they get put down. If Suarez decided to act like a dog, we should treat him like one. Let’s put that idiot down!

I know, I know. Very drastic (and it shouldn’t be taken seriously) but what further punishment can he receive and when will he learn? What is actually wrong with him? Who in their right mind thinks of sinking their teeth in to someone, especially with millions of people watching? The guy obviously has some issues. I wonder how long Liverpool will put up with it and how soon it is before they ship him out. I mean, for a club who is playing in the Champions League next season, they sure could do without any negative press.

The maximum ban Fifa can issue is 24 months. I say he should be banned for the full term. What better punishment is there for a player than to be publicly embarrassed on the grandest stage of all?

Lets go back to the biting incident. A violent offence involving players is usually a bad tackle and very rarely do we see arms flailing and head butts flying. Biting someone is just completely wrong and borders on cannibalism. It’s such a strange thing to see on a football pitch and sets out such a bad message to youngsters.

The authorities need to deal with it promptly. I don’t think they need to issue a punishment as an example to others but to actually teach him, the weirdo, a lesson. Ban him on both the club and international scene. Or put him in a ring with a prime Mike Tyson. If he wants to bite people, Tyson can show him how to do it properly.